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We offer 8 variants of bodyshells which are almost exact replicas of the original NASCAR racing bolides.

First of all, Legend is a state of mind! Cars cheerful appearance is absolutely non-typical approach to the motor sport; but if you come closer, youll realize what a wild thing it is and what a pleasure it is to feel all power of your car while racing!

Colorful paint reflects individuality of each driver: someone sparkles with metallic color striving for presenting oneself in fine feather; stave on hood obviously, this is a musician; rigorous black car means that its driven by oil businessman; racing stripes on scarlet bodyshell is motor sport ardour and classics; well-known brand colors mean that a lucky driver presents sponsors advertisement; a new label for each race lets you know that the lady is in the drivers seat Legends gives everybody space for imagination and self-expression! Show is an integral part of racing, though even under the most joyful coloration a reliable engine roars and a brave heart pounds.Paint your Legend!

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