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Technical specification

Legendis a single-seater designed especially for racing. Creation of a race car on the basis of an ordinary car is always a compromise where significant sums are spent exactly for disposal of excess parts and improvement according to the racing standards while Legend is initiXally created to participate in racing. The same principle is used while Formula bolide designing.

Feeling of extreme sport, speed and adrenaline is a burst cocktail offered byLegends. Familiarization with the technical parameters gives an idea what makes the car so fast:: 130 ph, 10500 rpm. Weight is 500 kg enables power-to-weight ratio equal to 250 hp per ton, which is more than the one of serial Porsche. Acceleration to the speed of 100 km/h less than 4 seconds.

What could be better? :)


Engine volume - 1300 cc.

Full speed rpm 10,500 rpm

Engine type air-cooling four-cycle engine

Suspension: front independent multilink suspension, McFerson (Bilstein spring and shock absorber). Back axle trailing link suspension

Gearbox: sequential 5-speed transmission

Tires: 205x60R13, BF Goodrich TA Comp HR4 Legends Edition

Wheelbase: 185 cm

Width: 150 cm

Length: 315 cm

Heigth: 120 cm

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