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Calendar 2013 Open
News / Hot weekend at ADM raceway

Last weekend the next stages of the Legends Cup 2012 were held at the “domestic” route of the Legends Series - ADM raceway.

The competitions were held within the framework of the All-Russian Closed-Circuit Race Championship - RRC.

The ADM in Moscow environs accepted all the closed-circuit classes existing in Russia: Legends, Touring, Super-Production, Touring-Light, National Class, Midget, GT-Open and the new formula class - Formula Russia, which has been brought to Russia recently.

This weekend the pilots of the series displayed unequaled heroism and loyalty to their class. The spectators that were quite numerous at the Raceway last weekend realized that nothing can stop our pilots fighting for the championship….evenillnesses and fractures!

Not only did Shota Abkhazava manage to take part in two days of the competitions with a broken leg, but he also climbed the podium of champions on both days.

The results of the 7th stage of the Legends Cup:

Semi-Pro classification: 1st place –Yefim Gantmakher, 2nd  place- Andrei Plotnickiy, 3rd place- Sergey Sak.

Pro classification: 1st place – Shota Abkhazava, 2nd  place- Viktor Shaitar, 3rd place- Alexsander  Smolyar.

The results of the 8th stage of the Legends Cup:

Semi-Pro classification: 1st place –Yefim Gantmakher, 2nd place- Dmitry Sak,

Pro classification: 1st place –Viktor Shaitar,2nd  place- Shota Abkhazava,3rd place- Oleg Chebotarev.

july 2, 2012
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