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Price tag

  • The price of a new car in Russia is $26,500 at the rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. Its maintenance will cost you pennies in comparison with any other circuit class available in Russia. For example, a set of racing tires costs $699 and their useful life is from several races to the whole summer season. This is unprecedented dumping by professional motor sport standards. This is exactly one of the recipes of Legends popularity in countries where people can count money pretty well.
  • Seasonal maintenance sum depends on trainings intensity and driving style.
  • A car for a racing week-end RUR 60,000 (rent is RUR 30,000, admission fee is RUR 15,000 and RUR 15,000 is racing maintenance fee).

Indulge yourself come yourself or with friends and family: week-end on a race track is sport and real pleasure!

What sum will a racing season cost you (in case of car purchasing):

Costs of the first season (for instance, summer season) include:

- Carcost - $26,500

- Spares (according to wear and racing incidents)

- Storage

- Club/admission fee RUR15,000 for 2 competition periods (1 week-end)

- Maintenance RUR15,000 for 1 week-end

Average seasonal operational cost is from $8,000 up to $15,000.

What does a racer receive for this money?

From 5 to 8 races (warp-up, qualification, hit, final), from May until October, including:

- Instruments and equipment

- Maintenance premises

- Mechanics

- Racing engineer

- Timekeeping

- Admission fees

Legends Club Membership:

- 2 tickets to the Legends Racing Club VIP-zone, parking, fourchette

- 2 VIP-passes to all sport events taking place on ADM motordrom

- other club preferences

What is required for training start-up?

1. Purchase a car and maintenance package

2. Take an introductory race driving training course on ADM motordrom

3. Purchase a RAF license of E category (about RUR 250)

In addition, a driver will need a coverall, a helmet, gloves and comfortable footwear. All this can be bought in numerous Moscow shops.

What trainings are required for?

First of all, youll enjoy dynamic driving with confederates! Secondly, you will work out car driving movements as during racing you will have to think on competitors outstripping while driving should be practiced for second-nature. Finally, this is an extra physical activity as several groups of muscles are loaded.

How much time does a training take?

One training session lasts 20 min. You can drive 8-10 circuits during this time. Thetrainingdayusuallyconsistsof3-4 sessions.

IMPORTANT! Ample opportunities associated with participation in races abroad will cost you approximately the same money + travel expenses (One of theLegends advantages is that the car can be transported in a light duty trailer or rented on site) our racers often use a chance to participate in competitions taking place in neighboring Finland where we are well-known and respected.

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