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Welcome to the Legends Russian Series!

Where am I:

This is the Legends car racing official web-site. Russian Ring Company, an exclusive representative of 600 Racing Inc. in CIS countries, started promotion and marketing of Legends in Russia in 2008.

Who is here:

Not only professional drivers but also those for whom motorsport is a passion participate in Legends races. Women race equally with men. Children and teenagers master Legends long before they take out their driving licenses. Any person of any age and constitution can drive Legend!

We have seen these cars for the first time in the private garage of Kimi Raikkonen: one of them was owned by Kimi and the other one belonged to his father, Matti Raikkonen. Even the drivers of F1 indulge themselves in such a pleasure!

What does it mean:

This means that Russian motorsport fans have finally had the opportunity to participate in closed-circuit race without spending of exorbitant budgets on the newrealrace car. You can purchase a car for your team or the one with the maintenance package executed by our mechanics.

Well provide you with full support from consultations and learning to engine replacement. This car was created to make the closed-circuit motorsport available not only to professional teams with sponsoring budgets but also to anyone who is able to keep a new car of foreign brand. It has never happened in Russia before!

Legends Russianseries!The organizers answer the most interesting questions:

- How was the idea of bringing Legends to Russia suggested:

We have seen these cars for the first time in private garage of Kimi Raikkonen, the World Rally Champion. One of them belonged to Kimi and another one was owned by his father, Matti Raikonnen. These bolides competed on a race track while Formula-3 racing week-end, where 5 Russian teams also participated. Forty cars on their marks this was just hell of a show! However, start was surprisingly ideal, no one stayed on a roadside. Having came back home and discussed what we had seen we realized thats the stuff! A race car able to move almost on any surface, especially on snow and ice is what the country with a few circuit race tracks lacks for.

- Who does manufacture these cars:

These cars are manufactured in America by 600 Racing, Inc., a subsidiary of Speedway Motorsport, the largest motorsport holding company in the USA with the annual turnover of $567,000,000. We assemble cars in Russia by efforts of ArtLine team engineers and mechanics. The bodyshells and suspensions are delivered from the United States and the engines are well-known to any biker. This is Yamaha 1300 cc.

- What are relationships with 600 Racing Inc, the American designer of Legends:

Russian Ring is the Legends exclusive representative in CIS countries. Design is entirely protected by the patents. We are provided with consulting and technical documentation by 600 Racing Inc while competition regulations and driver ranking system are established by INEX federation in charge of Legends racings and other analogous classes in the USA. Following the International standards we makes it possible for Russian drivers to easily participate in any Legends races abroad, from Finland that we often visit to the US where we take part in the World Final in Las-Vegas!

- Why dont you create anything similar to this car completely on the basis of domestic development works:

Our ArtLine Engineering design office is the only one within the territory of the Russian Federation, former USA and Eastern Europe that is able to create race cars based on the modern materials and technologies. We proved on race tracks that the ArtTech F1607 formula chassis built by our specialists is competitive on the international level. Creation of a car by Legends technologies is a step backwards for us; that is why we preferred not to spend time for what was mastered worldwide long ago and purchased rights for the ready construction that survived many years of exploitation. A new design would be times more expensive and it would require years to reach the same reliability level.

Welcome to Legends Russian Series Racing!

Become a driver of World Series! Root for Russians!

Choose your legend!

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